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Drug and Alcohol Testing located in Neptune City, New Jersey

Drug and alcohol testing is an action that any employer can take to determine if current employees and potential employees are abusing drugs. Evidence is accurately provided by our facility and reports are sent in a timely manner to ensure you protect your company from hiring, or continue the employment of a worker who may be abusing illegal drugs or alcohol. It is important that you and your company set a strong policy in place with clear and written documentation that is shared with all employees. Look for signs and symptoms of abuse and contact Excel Urgent Care if testing is needed due to suspicion to ensure the safety of your other employees and business. If an employee is abusing drugs and/or alcohol, it is important to provide useful information, tools and programs to help them in recovery.

Why Utilize Drug and Alcohol Screenings?
Provide a safe work environment for your employees and company
Deter employees from abusing substances and alcohol
Prevent the hiring of individuals who use illegal drugs
Protect your clients, the general public and instill consumer confidence
Comply with State and Federal Laws and Regulations

What We Provide:
We provide accurate results
Minimal wait times
Professional, skilled staff
Communicate reports and documentation in a timely manner
No appointments are needed, walk-ins welcome
Elimination of time-consuming referral procedures
Employer Drug & Alcohol Testing
Random Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services:
Urine Drug Screening

Please note specimen collections are sent out for lab testing.

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